MTN Business backs emerging ICT entrepreneurs

MTN Business has embarked on a long-term supplier development program will give young, black entrepreneurs put their position at the forefront of developments in South Africa, knowledge-based economy. “For MTN business, local supplier development is a multi-tick box exercise,” Alpheus Mangale, Chief Enterprise Officer at MTN SA said. “It’s true, the development of enterprises and their suppliers have been revised in the new sense of BBBEE code, but we are looking beyond these indicators, so have a more significant impact on the economy.” Our plan is to create a unanimously adopted a new class of young, black entrepreneurs to solve poverty reduction target and the actual capacity of the national development plans. As the technology leader in the field, we are in an excellent position to take advantage of our technical expertise and footprint of the country’s development skills and have grown into larger, sustainable business potential of small businesses. “MTN Business has been with the new generation of thinking (NGM), training and skills development, specializing in the development of ICT SMME sector and guidance supplier development program has been designed as a three-year intervention will be seen through a six-stage program, from infancy to their state of development of 60 fully self-contained small ICT companies.

“Our long-term goal is to develop these entrepreneurs to the highest order of information and communication technology service provider. Whether they are serving the consumer market or SMEs, they will actually help to distinguish MTN delivered by key technology solutions. “We expect the greatest impact is that they make small and medium enterprises in rural and township areas to access services to help make them more competitive. Many of these enterprises are traditional ICT service providers outside the fold, we believe that this new generation ICT entrepreneurs will find a ready market to grow their businesses, “Mangale said. The development project is open to young blacks owned enterprises in the field of ICT services, the ideal, but not limited to those who have been in business for 12-24 months. You will need some degree of training and qualifications after graduating high school to qualify. Successful applicants will then undertake a three-year plan in incubators located throughout the country the NGM. Entrepreneurs who already own their homes will continue to operate in their facilities, but will be required to attend training courses at the center of the NGM. NGM will be cultivated to provide basic business support services, while exploring various aspects of the management capabilities of entrepreneurs doing business.

For its part, MTN will leverage its technical training business partners, through these skills. “The first 18-month program will focus on the construction of these technical and business skills, after which companies should be in the position to expand its scope to include services and other ancillary equipment and service providers of the product. This enhanced their The service is indispensable to their long-term survival, “Mangale said. “With the speed of progress rapid emergence of the Internet and technology, ICT skills has become an important part of building any business. We believe that this crop can be made to help young entrepreneurs hundreds of small businesses in the country more efficient and competitive around valuable contribution. “For more information about the program and application forms can be found here http://www.ngmindset.co.za/message.php

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