Be part of a business growth programme valued at R24 million!

Accelerate the growth of your business with the Raizcorp Acumen Programme

Following the massive success experienced in 2013, Raizcorp in partnership with Investec and the official print partner, Ndalo Media, are proud to announce that they have reintroduced the innovative Acumen business growth programme in 2015! And this year the programme will take on an additional 12 businesses – making the total number of entrepreneurs set to complete the programme at 24.

This two-year programme is designed for high-growth-seeking entrepreneurs, who, once they have successfully completed the Acumen application process, are selected by Raizcorp to share the very best of business learning and business mentorship – while at the same time getting on with the business of running their own business.

Raizcorp and Investec are calling the most ambitious entrepreneurs locally to come forward and claim their spot in the 2015 programme. Each place is valued individually at R1 million. A seat on this prestigious programme is one that could change your business forever and will require commitment from the selected business owners to successfully complete this two-year programme.

How does one qualify?

The programme is open to the entrepreneurs of 51% or more black-owned businesses that have been operating for a minimum of 12 months and have a turnover of at least R50 000 per month.

However, you must hurry as applications for the Acumen programme are open until June 3.

Benefits to you:

The 24 entrepreneurs selected for the programme will gain access to a range of benefits offered by Raizcorp, such as back-office support, entrepreneurial learning, access to markets, access to specialists, and access to infrastructure to name but a few.

Further to this, the 24 chosen will be assigned a dedicated Raizcorp team of business mentors (known as guides) who will specifically focus on assisting in developing these business owners. These guides are all fully trained by the Raizcorp Guiding Academy. As a further benefit, entrepreneurs and their staff members will also have access to Raizcorp Learning, one of the incubator’s core offerings, consisting of courses and workshops – tailored to the unique needs of the entrepreneur’s business.

How to apply?

To apply, simply complete the Acumen Programme EOI (Expression Of Interest) form here.

The selection process:

  • Should your application be successful, you will be contacted directly by a Raizcorp Entrepreneurial Scout to set up your first interview.
  • If you are successful in your first interview, you will be required to complete an Entrepreneurial Assessment.
  • Simultaneously, your business will undergo an audit, and later also a due diligence.
  • If you are successful in the assessment and audit, you will be invited back for a second interview.
  • Successful candidates will then be invited to a panel interview at which Raizcorp will be looking at the ‘fit’ between you and our programme, as well as our ability to impact your business.
  • After the panel interview, you will be notified of our decision regarding your acceptance to the Acumen Programme.

This programme can take your business to new heights by providing you with the tools to unlock brand new opportunities! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be one of the 24 chosen to ride the wave of business success – with the right partners by your side.


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