Awethu Business Incubator

If you would like to start up a business that requires R100 000, R1 000 000 or even R5 000 000, we strongly encourage you to hold on to that vision and not give up on pursuing your dream.

Micro Business Incubator provides a platform for individuals who want to be successful entrepreneurs, but realise the importance of upskilling themselves before venturing out into the unfamiliar – and often costly – territory of entrepreneurship.

Awethu will provide you with the opportunity to gain the necessary skills and experience that will enable you to become a successful entrepreneur.

Should you be selected, if you do not already own a business, you will be required to start a micro business in order to remain in the programme.

If you’re selected for the Micro Business Incubator, you will join a team of like-minded entrepreneurs looking to upskill themselves on their journey to becoming successful entrepreneurs. In your team, you will work with an Awethu Business Associate who will mentor you during the 24 week Incubation Programme. This programme includes a business course comprised of at least 20 practical business modules that will aid you on your journey to becoming an empowered business owner.

After graduating from the programme, you can use the skills and experience you gained, to replicate or scale your existing business. Or go on to start your dream business, knowing you are equipped to do so.


  • During the 24 week programme you will have access to the following:
    • Business Skills Training – This Incubation programme is customised to give you the knowledge you need to run a successful micro enterprise. These skills are easily transferable to future business leadership positions.
    • Business Tools – As a micro business entrepreneur, you don’t have the budget to spend on tools like expensive accounting packages. We assist by providing you with some of the tools you need to run a successful, formalised micro enterprise.
    • Access to Funding – After going through the Incubation process, you will be in a strong position to apply for larger sums of capital from other funders.
    • Coaching – You will have a dedicated Business Associate to mentor and advise you as you grow your business.
    • An Environment that Breeds Success – The Incubator is a unique, competitive, target-driven environment that will push you to achieve your business goals.

Minimum application requirement : “Potential entrepreneurs can be employed full time or part time, they can have a business idea or they do not have to have an idea, but above all: they have to be determined and tenacious – they should have the absolute right attitude to succeed and the rest will follow.”

Primary Call To Action: “SMS action to 45345 to apply”

Secondary Call To Action: Apply at the following link – http://goo.gl/KqBg5B

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